U14 Coed Jabali Rage

Team Picture

Contact Information:
KC Metro League Rainout Line: 913-599-9959
**Remember to select the location we are playing**
Doug Jolley            816-223-7290   dajolley@jabalifc.com
Assistant Coach:
Jorge Hernandez    816-832-3157 jorgehrdz17@gmail.com

Team Manager: 
Amy Jolley              816-223-7627    dajolley@jabalifc.com

Wednesdays: Van Hook 6.15-7.30
Fridays: Van Hook 6.15-7.30

Team Messaging:

If you would like to be on the list to receive team text messages please sign up and add your phone number.  You can add as many numbers as you like and/or other family members.  For instructions please contact the coach.

Mass communication will be done via text messaging primarily.