The Club

Our Vision

Jabali Futbol started in 2008 out of a shared passion for helping young athletes pursue excellence in the sport of soccer.   The founding members of Jabali Futbol believed that an alternative approach was needed in youth soccer.  A world where win-at-all-costs is rewarded.  A world where how much a coach gets paid became more important than how well they work with individual players to help them reach their full potential.  

Jabali Futbol is on a mission to change all that.  First, we have first-class coaching and don't charge parents a dime for the time we spend.  Secondly, we have a guiding philosophy - built on the principles of Positive Coaching - that helps us connect with players in a way that encourages maximum effort, mastering the game and learning values that last a lifetime.  If you want to learn more, download our Seven Keys to Success and Youth Development Guidelines (see below).  Then get to know the folks working to make Jabali Futbol a great place for players to grow and succeed.  

In addition to having a strong guiding philosophy, we also understand the importance of good communications with parents.  Player development is a collaborative process and keeping people informed helps everything run more smoothly.  By using today's technologies, we simplify the process of communicating so we have more time to focus on coaching.  From posting information on this website, to periodic surveys designed to get feedback about the program, we're committed to keeping the lines of communication open - knowing that we're all working toward the same goal of helping players succeed.

Just as important, we believe that by working together we can create something exponentially more powerful than any of us can accomplish alone.  So we encourage parents to get involved and contribute their time and talents to help us build a great team environment.  And build a program that lives up to our name.  A program that is strong as a rock.  

Bobby Tatum  

In addition to being a founding member of Jabali Futbol, Bobby is head coach of the Head Coach of the Girls High School Jabali Elite team and the Boys U14 Jabali United team for the 2015/2016 seasons.  In his professional life, Bobby serves as the Director of Transportation for a major railroad company.  He began coaching to spend more time with his daughters.  Now his love for the game and the relationships he has developed with players and their families keeps him going strong.  He says, "Not only do I try and teach players soccer, but develop them as young adults.  I try to teach them that there is more to life than winning and scoring goals."  Here are more facts about Bobby:
  • More than twenty years of coaching experience.
  • Played soccer at Ft. Osage High School - and was one wicked goalkeeper. 
  • National "D" License by the USSF.

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