Soccer Affiliations

Jabali Futbol is proud to be part of US Youth Soccer, the largest member of the United States Soccer Association.  US Youth Soccer registers over 3 million youth players each year between the ages of five and nineteen.  Registration is managed through state organizations like the Missouri Youth Soccer Association and local leagues, like the Soccer Association of Independence.  For more information on current Jabali Futbol Club affiliations, visit the following organization websites:


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Positive Coaching Alliance

Jabali Futbol is a supporter of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and its efforts to transform youth sports by setting new standards for coaching and parental support. Based on research by Stanford University, the PCA is directed by leaders in sports and business including, Phil Jackson (Head Coach of the LA Lakers), Alexi Lalas (President of the LA Galaxy), Dean Smith (retired coaching legend), Herm Edwards (Head Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs), Charles Phillips (President of Oracle Corp), Joy Fawcett (Olympic Gold Medalist in soccer), Donna Lipiano (Executive Director, Women's Sports Foundation) and more.  

The PCA delivers research-based techniques that help youth organizations develop a roadmap to excellence that creates a shared vision of success among organizational leaders, coaches, parents and athletes.  It helps coaches develop a positive mental model that prepares young athletes from pre-school through high school for success in life on and off the playing fields.  At the core of this approach is the concept of 'double goal coaching'.  Win-at-all coaches focus only on teaching skills and strategies designed to win games.  Double goal coaches want to win and also want to help players develop positive character traits so they can be successful in life.  In short, a positive coach puts players first.  
Applying this at the competitive level is rare.  But the facts show that it's critical.  More than 75% of young athletes quit playing sports by the time they reach high school.  Studies show that they quit because of burn-out.  Positive coaching creates an environment where young athletes are more confident and focused in pursuing greater and greater challenges in their sports of choice.  It fills their 'emotional tanks' so they have the energy and focus to push themselves and accomplish things they never thought possible.  And it helps them understand the importance of preparation, respect, and teamwork in accomplishing goals both on and off the field of play.  

  Visit the Positive Coaching Alliance for more information.


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