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Jabali Believe It or Not

Bruce Perez, Jabali Director of Player Development, pursued a career in another field before he found soccer.  Under the stage name of 'Gary Coleman', Bruce was a child star acting in the hit television series Diff'rent Strokes among other roles.  A backstage meeting with Brazilian soccer star Pele on the set of Diff'rent Strokes sparked a curiosity that led Bruce to develop his deep love of soccer.  Even though on occasion, we can still talk Bruce into saying 'Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis.' 

On vacation in Southern California, High School Team Director Bobby Tatum was greeted with open arms at the annual 'Build a Buddha' sand sculpture competition.  It would seem that Coach Bobby bears an amazing resemblance to the revered founder of Buddhism.  When questioned, Coach Bobby swears he looks more like American Idol alumni Chris Daughtry "if Daughtry would add five pounds or so."     

Jabali Futbol has contracted with internationally-famed inventor Bjorn Strikerson to develop the first ever trained soccer ball. Imbeded with microchip technology that is genetically programmed to respond like a bloodhound, the ball will automatically sniff out and move away from anyone who doesn't smell like a Jabali player.  The ball will be beta tested in an upcoming scrimmage to determine its effectiveness in real competition.  

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