Welcome to the official site of the Jabali Futbol Club.  Our name is taken from the  Swahili word 'Jabali', which means 'strong as a rock'.  Quite frankly, we believe our philosophy is as unique as our name.

What makes Jabali Futbol different?  For starters, we believe soccer success is built by teaching fundamentals and creating a positive environment that challenges young athletes to be their very best.   Our coaches believe that we're preparing players for more than just success on the soccer field - we're teaching values that will last a lifetime.  Things like hard work, respect and cooperation.  Just as important, we understand that having fun and a genuine love for the game play a critical role in player development.  

Don't let this fool you.  We're competitive - so any time we hit the field, we're giving it our all.  Because that's what makes you successful.  It's what drives you to chase down the ball.  To finish the shot.  To dive for the save.  But most of all it's what makes you
strong as a rock.  

Pre-Tryout Kickarounds


Summer Camp


Jabali Futbol Club is the official competitive
development partner for the Soccer Association of Independence (SAI).  Jabali  provides resources for
player, team and coaching development to SAI and works to provide a positive, affordable environment to build on the soccer field and beyond.